Psaulm Thirteen in Doric Scots


(Ti the Star Musician, a Psaulm o David}

Foo lang will Ye forget me, Lord?

Will it forivver be?

And foo lang will Ye turn yer face

Tae hide Yersel fae me?

Foo lang will I mak daily plans

File I’m in inward pain?

And foo lang will ma enemy

Rise up ow’r me again?

Look doon wi favour, LORD, ma God!

On me attention keep!

Ma een enlichten, lest I slip

Intil daith’s laistin sleep!

Lest ‘at my enemy micht boast,

“Ow’r him I did prevail!”

An ma tormentors jump for joy

Fan I am moved ti fail.

But I’ve pit aa ma confidence

Upon Yer steadfastness:

In Your salvation will ma hert

Fair dunce wi joyfulness!

Like rovin singer, I will praise

The LORD, richt cheerily,

For, in His generous reward,

He’s been gey guid ti me!

Translated from Hebrew to Doric, 2017, 2019 Bruce Gardner.

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