Psaulm Fourteen

Psaulm Fourteen

The fuil* has said, in his ain hert’,

That there’s nae God at aa!

They’re rotten fowk, their works are vile

An nene daes guid ava!

The LORD has lookit doon fae Hivv’n,

Surveyin Adam’s kind,

Ti see if ony had the sinse

Ti sik God in their mind.

The lot o them hiv lost their wey!

They’re mochie, ene an aa!

There’s nene of them that daes aucht guid,

Nae nene o them at aa!

Hiv chiels fa’s gien ti wicked works

Got nae wit ti record,

They’re eatin up aa ma fowk like breid,

Nae caain on the LORD?

They greatly fear’t there, for God’s wi

The generation just.

Ye shame’t the peer man’s plans, because

The LORD alene’s his trust.

Fa’ll Israel’s help fae Zion’s gie?

Fan back the LORD will bring

His exiled fowk, dunce Jacob will

An Israel joy an sing!

*’fuil’ is pronounced ‘feel’ in Doric.

**’foul’ is pronounced ‘fool’ in Doric

Translated from Hebrew into Doric, 2017, 2019, by Bruce Gardner.

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