Psaulm Fifteen

Psaulm Fifteen.

Within yer tent o meetin, Lord,

Fit man will bide a wee,

An fa, upon yer haly hill,

Will fast reside wi ye?

Fa walks in his integritie,

An acts in richteousness;

An anelie says fits in his hert,

Wi utter truthfulness.

He disna slander wi his tongue,

Nor dis his freend nae hurt.

Nor yet aginst his niebour, jist

Ti shame him, flings fause dirt.

In his eyes, skellums are disdained,

But them the LORD that fear

He honours, an ‘is word stands fast,

Tho te his hurt he sweir.

He’ll charge nae intrest on a loan,

He’ll nae backhanders tak

Aginst the blameless. Fa daes iss,

His place will nivver shak.

Translated from Hebrew to Doric, 2017, 2019, Bruce Gardner.