Psaulm 16

Psaulm Sixteen

Watch ow’r me, God, because I flee’d

Te trust Ye faithfully;

I telt Jehovah, Ye’re my Lord

Ma guid faa’s short o Ye.

In haly enes, the Land’s ain sancts,

Reposes aa ma pride.

Their hurts, fa chase anither god,

Will be fair multiplied.

An their drink-offerins o bleed

I’ll nae pour fae ma cup;

Nor yet their names upon ma lips

Will I be liftin up!

O ma inheritance, the LORD’s

The share that’s meant for me;

Ma cup Ye aye hud steady te

Fulfil ma destiny.

The lines ‘at meisure land hae faa’n,

In bonny places syne;

For sure, a guid inheritance,

Has faa’n te me and mine!

O, I will bless the LORD, Fa will

Me guide in coonsels richt;

In me, forbye, gut-instinct will

Correct me, ilka nicht.

Afore me, aye, I’ll set the LORD,

Comparison te mak.

Because He stands at ma richt hand,

I’ll nivver ivver shak.

Sae therefore will my hert rejoice,

Ma glorie sing, and hence,

Ma body, tee, will tak its rest,

In hopefu confidence.

For Ye will nae abandon me

Te Hell, nor will ye gie

Ow’r te the grave Yer Haly Ene,

Corruption te see.

Ye’ll mak me ken the wey te life,

Aa fowth o joys are there

Afore Yer face; in Yer richt hand,

Are pleisures ivvermair.

Translated from Hebrew to Doric, 2017, 2019 Bruce Gardner.

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