Psaulm Sivventeen in Doric

Psaulm Sivventeen

Discern Ye fit is richt, O LORD!

Ma craikin pleas, heed noo!

Gie heed unte ma prayer, for it

Comes fae nae swickin mou!

And let ma judgment justly be

Pronounc’t afore Yer sicht;

And let Yer een behauld, and gar

Te stand, fit is upricht.

Ye prov’d ma hert. By nicht Ye cam,

And me, wi fire, refined,

But Ye fand nocht: I’d set ma mou

Te nivver cross the line.

As for rewards fae Adam’s kind,

By Yer lips’ utterance,

I watch’t masel and shunned e weys

O men o violence.

Keep fast, inside Yer weel-dreel’t paths,

Ma feet, as on they stride;

Sae that ma ordered fitsteps ne’er

Will fae Yer pathie slide.

Because Ye’ll answer me, O God,

I hae cry’t oot tae Ye;

Tak notice, then, o fit I say:

Incline Yer ear tae me.

Mak clear Yer cov’nant love te them

That flee tae Ye fa saves

By Yer richt hand fa trust in Ye,

Fae ower-comin knaves!

Preserve me, tender in Yer sicht

As the aipple o yer ee;

Anaith the shadaw o Yer wings,

In siccarness, hide me

Fae them ‘at’s gien ow’r tae ill,

Fa bully me coorsely.

The faes endangerin ma life

Surroond, te strike at me.

They are inclosit in their fat;

Wi ‘eir mous they spik sae grand

They fair surroond oor steps; their een

Wad tak in aa the Land!

They’re like a greedy lion that

Is keen te tear te bits;

Or young ene ‘at, te ambush syne,

In secret places sits.

Arise, O LORD, confront their face

And mak them bow the knee!

And fae the man o wickedness

Ma saul Yer sword set free!

Fae chiels made by Yer hand, O LORD,

Fae men o’ iss warld’s scene,

Fa’s ain inheritance has nocht

Te dea wi fit’s abeen

Yer treisure is fit fills their wames;

O bairns, they hae a wheen;

The lave o their abundance is

Left te their little enes.

But I, in richteousness, Yer face

Will gaze on steadily;

Fan I awak, Yer image will

Be aa I need tae see.

2017, 2019 Bruce Gardner.