Psaulm 19 in Doric

Psaulm Nineteen

The Hivv’ns scrawl God’s glory oot!

The skies His hand-works blaw!

Day blethers oot its craic te day,

An, nichtly, a live schaw!


There’s nocht said, nor nae language, far

Their soond is nivver heard!

Their rule’s braidcast ow’r aa the Earth –

The Warld’s end – ivv’ry word!


A tent He pitch’t there for the Sun

That leaves its canopy,

Like bridegroom or as michty man

Te rin a race schaws glee!


The sky’s rim is its gyngin-oot:

Fae there, t’e ither side;

It wheels aboot, and fae Its heat,

There’s nae place far te hide.


The Torah o the LORD is true,

Te turn sauls te His weys!

The testimonies o the LORD

Are sure te mak gowks wise!


The LORD’s Commandments will rejoice

The hert, for they are richt;

The precepts o the LORD are pure,

And fill the een wi licht.


The terror of the LORD is pure,

And it will stand forivver.

The judgments o the LORD are true:

And richteous aathegither.


And mair desirable than gowd,

-Aye, pure gowd heap’t, they are;

They’re sweeter than the honey dripp’t

Fae honeycombs, by far.


And by them, tee, Yer servant’s warned,

Weel taught by shining word;

Fa keeps them, at the hinner end,

Will hae a great reward.


Fa kens his ain miss’t steps? Free me

Fae faults I canna see!

Haud back Yer servant fae prood sins:

Let them nae rule ow’r me!


Sae will I, at the hinner end,

Yer perfect wey come near,

Syne, fae the worst rebellion, I

Will be accoontit clear.


May words that’s utter’t fae ma mou,

Ma hert’s thochts grievin me,

O LORD, ma Rock, ma Rescuer,

Be pleasin unte Ye!



2017, 2019 Bruce Gardner