Psalm 20 Translated directly from Hebrew to Doric

NB: I modernise chariots to tanks and horses to engines because these are the modern equivalents and because the truth of verse 7 still stands today, if folks only believe! BKG.

Psaulm Twinty

The LORD ye answer in that day
Fan troubles press ye nigh;
And may the Name of Jacob’s God
Set ye safe up on high.

2. And may He wi His aid surround
Ye fae his sanctuary.
Fae Zion may He lend ye strength
And comfort gie te ye.

3. May He aa yer free offerins mind,
Accept hale sacrifice,
4. Grant ye the wishes o yer hert,
Fulfil aa guid advice.

5. In Yer salvation, we will joy!
In oor God’s Name we will
Set up oor banners! May the LORD
Yer prayers aa fulfil.

6. The LORD His King saves, I ken noo,
Fae’s Haly Hivv’n peys heed,
Wi michty acts o savin pow’r
By His richt hand, in deed.

7. Some in tanks, in engines some
Hae aa their hope reclined;
But we the LORD oor God will trust
And keep Him weel in mind.

8. We rise, time efter time, te stand;
They faa, brocht til their knees!
9. Save, LORD! And let the king hear us
Fan we present oor pleas.

2017, 2019 Bruce Gardner