Psalm 21 Translated from Hebrew to Doric.

Psaulm Twinty-One

The king will be richt blithesome, LORD,

Te hae Yer michty strength,

An in yer safe deliverance,

Will sing for joy at length.


Ye gied te him aa that his hert

Did lang for an did lack,

An fit his lips crave’t te possess

Ye’ve nae fae him held back.


An sae Y’ anticipatit him

Wi blessins born o guid.

A croon o pure, refinit gowd,

Ye set upon ‘is heid.


Life he inquirit efter, an

Ye gied it richt awey,

An ene wi length o days, sae that

He wad endure for aye:


Sae grand, by Yer salvation, is

His honour glorious made:

Magnificence an majesty

Ye hae upon him laid.


Te be maist bless’t for ivvermair

Ye set him in his place,

Made him ow’rcomin gledness share

Te joy afore Yer face.


An, therefore, since, upon e LORD

The king leans faithfully,

He, throw the grace o the Maist Heigh,

Will nivver movit be.


Yer hand will find oot aa the fowk

That’s enemies te ye;

Yer richt hand will encounter them,

Fa wad Yer haters be.


Ye’ll mak them like a fiery ov’n

The day Yer face daes fume;

The LORD in wrath will swallaw them,

An fire will them consume.


Their fruit Ye’ll clear oot fae the Land,

Fae Adam’s sons, their seed:

They scheme’t te hairm Ye but ne’er could

Mak cunnin’ schemes succeed.


Ye’ll mak them turn their backs, fan Ye

Yer bows string in their face;

Be raise’t, LORD, in Yer pow’r! Yer micht

We’ll sing te aa, an praise!


2017, 2019 Bruce Gardner

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