Psaulm 22 in Doric: from the Hebrew

Psaulm Twinty-Twa

Ma God, ma God, fit wey hae Ye

Forsakken me? An foo

Sae faur are Ye fae savin me, fae

Words roar’t fae ma mou?


  1. Ma God, I caa te ye by day:

Ye dinna answer gie.

An in the seasons o the nicht,

I’ll nivver silent be.


  1. But Ye are holy, an enthron’t

On Israel’s sung hymns;

  1. In Ye oor faithers hope’t; they hope’t

An Ye deliver’t them.


  1. Te Ye they cry’t in straits, an Ye

Let them slip safe awa.

In You they pit their trust an they

Were nae let doon ava.


  1. But, as for me, I am a worm

An as nae man am deem’t,

The common man’s reproach am I,

By folk, as nocht esteem’t.


  1. Fa sees me, aa lauch me te scorn,

Contemptuously indeed,

Shoot oot their lip in mockery

An syne they shak the heid.


  1. He trustit in the LORD, that He

Would save deliver him;

Sae, let Him snatch him safe awa,

Since He’s sae pleas’t wi ‘im!


  1. For Ye’re the Ene fa gar’t me burst

Oot o the wame; an neist

Ye made me trust in Ye fan I

Was on ma mither’s breist.


  1. An I was cast upon Yer care,

Ev’n fae the wame till noo;

An fae ma mither’s belly, LORD,

Ma anelie GOD is You.


  1. O dinna distance Ye fae me:

A straiten’t time’s aheid

T’ afflict me, an likewise because

There’s nene te serve ma need.


  1. Mony bulls surround me: strang

Bashan bulls crood me, vyin;

  1. An wi their mous they gape at me:

A rendin, roarin lion.


  1. O I’m pour’t oot like watter an

Ma benes are stretch’t apairt;

Doon in ma core, like meltit wax,

Sae fints awa ma hert.


  1. Ma strength’s dry’t like a broken pot:

Ma tongue te ma jaws baith

Is stickit; an ye’ve brocht me doon

Inte the dust o daith.


  1. For dogs encircle’t me, bad fowk,

Fae in close sessions meet:

They trapp’t me like a lion; syne,

They pierce’t ma hands an feet.[1]


  1. I can coont oot ma benes, file yon

At me look on an gloat:

  1. Atween them divvy’n up ma claes,

An gamblin for ma coat.


  1. But Ye, LORD, dinna haud Ye back!

Ma strength, haste te ma help!

  1. O snatch me fae the blade, ma saul

Fae the pow’r o dogs that yelp!


  1. An fae the roarin lion’s mou,

Dae ye deliv’rance gie,

As eence fae horns o ragin bulls

Ye answer gied te me.


  1. I’ll publicise Yer name te him

Fa brither is te me;

Amidst the congregation great,

Loud praise I’ll sing te Ye.


  1. Praise Him, aa ye that fear the LORD!

Him glorify aa ye,

Jacob’s descendants! Fear Him, aa

That Isr’el’s children be!


  1. For he didna disdain, nor shun

The misery o the peer,

Nor hid His face fae him, but, fan

He cry’t te Him, did hear.


  1. My hymn’s fae You, fan in the Great

Assembly I appear:

Fulfil ma vow’s debt there I will,

Te aa that Him revere.


  1. Syne let the peer fowk eat, that they

Micht them weel satisfy!

Let them that praise the LORD, seek Him!

Yer herts abide for aye!


  1. The LORD, the Land’s remotest airts

Will mind te turn untee,

An aa the nations’ faimilies

Bow doon te worship Ye.


  1. Because the Kingdom is the LORD’s:

He rules the nations aa.

The fat enes o the Earth will eat,

Syne worshippin they’ll faa.


  1. Afore Him, they will bow the knee,

Aa that te dust descend,

For nene o them can keep alive

His ain saul, at the end.


  1. A seed will service dae te Him

An te the Lord pertain:

A generation number’t as

My Lord’s, sae aa His ain.


  1. An they shall come an will declare

His truth an richteousness,

Te fowk that are as yet unborn,

That He Himsel did iss.


2017, 2019 Bruce Gardner.

[1] The traditional (Massoretic) Hebrew text has a similar word-phrase, ca’ari, which means ‘as a lion.’ It is the idea of a hunt pinning the lion by its paws, also reflected in verse 13.  This slight issue does not affect the basic fact that Psalm 22 is a prophecy of the crucifixion in detail, and verse 1 was quoted by Jesus on the Cross.  The Roman Empire did not even exist when this prophecy reflected its favourite, horrific execution method.