Psalm 23 in Doric

Psaulm Twinty-Thrie in Doric.

The Lord is ma Shepherd; I’ll nae wint for nithin.
He couries me doon in the green girss o hame.
Like sparklan waters, He caa’s me te quateness;
He bosies ma saul back tae lyfe jist e same.

For His Name’s sake He leads me through stracht an richt pathweys,
Though I gyang by the Glen o Daith’s Shadaw forbye.
I’ll fear me nae evil: Yer crummock will curb me,
But Yer crook will gie comfort, for Ye’re waulkin nigh.

Ma table ye’ve set oot afore aa ma faes, Lord.
Wi Ile o anointan, Ye’ve blissit ma croon.
Ma quaich’s rinnan ower an Guid* an Luiv chase me
Aa ma days till Yer Hoose, far, for aye, I’ll lay doon.

Translated from Hebrew to Doric and versified by Bruce Gardner.
(* The word guid [Standard English: good] is pronounced ‘gweed’ in North East Lowland, AKA Doric, Scots.)